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Message from the President

The Leader of the New Millennium.  Cradle of 21 century’s New Professional Training Center. Welcome to Yeungjin Cyber College

21st century is called the global and information society. The recent revolution of digital and internet technology made it possible to create new knowledge by analyzing and accumulating the necessary information. Our society greatly demands talented and skilled people who can continue to create new knowledge. To nurture these talented people, Yeungjin Cyber College provides students with continuous research opportunities and high quality educational services through state-of-the art information and communication technology.

Yeungjin Cyber College meets the educational needs of individual students and progresses to create a new paradigm of educational services through the development of interactive learning communities, curriculum and programs with the help of excellent facilities and faculties. In addition, our College offers a high level of teaching and diverse and differentiated educational services, in particular,

focusing on practice-oriented programs to students with faculties having rich industrial experiences. This innovative educational model projects a new direction for cyber college programs. Through studying such programs, our students can broaden their skills and abilities to perform tasks required in each of their professional field immediately after graduation.

Yeungjin Cyber College does the best to ensure effective learning in the cyberspace equipped with our state-of-the-art information and communication technology. If you want to grow as professionals to lead the 21st century, Yeungjin Cyber College will help you achieve your dream.

President Yeungjin Cyber College Dr. Jae Young Choi